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GRP Roofing

GRP as a product has been around for over 30-years in the roofing industry, this proves that the system has stood the test of time. As the years have gone on the system has ‘got better with time’, with a lot of the modern roof systems becoming more high-tech. Previous small faults within a GRP roofing system have been ‘ironed out’ and todays GRP roofs are more robust and highly flexible.

GRP Roofing is the Most Shock Absorbant Product on the Market

The finished product can with stand more shock impact then any other product on the market even more than mastic asphalt, this is a wise choice of roofing product if you have a highly foot trafficked site that is live with a lot of other trades working off of the roof space. Once all the building works are complete the GRP can be washed down and then a topcoat finish added, and a great looking finish achieved.